Water as smelly as misogyny: Marine Khachatryan violently slapped and pulled out of Yerevan Council Meeting

On Tuesday 13 February, member of Yerkir Tsirani opposition party  Marine Khachatryan was violently slapped and pulled out of a Yerevan Council meeting by male members of the City Hall after bringing jars of sewage to protest the current living conditions of the people in Nubarashen, an area that has been infected with sewage stench.

Marine and colleague during Yerevan Council meeting (News.am)

The reactions to Marine’s attempt to address important issues in the city are shocking. I can think of so many ways the male members could have reacted instead. They could have let her speak and finish making her point; they could have acknowledged the importance of the issue and finally kindly asked her to get the water out of the room in order to be able to continue working, promising to put this issue on the agenda. But she was pushed and slapped instead and treated as if she was a threat and not actually trying to improve living conditions in Yerevan. But the only thing she was threatening was the status quo, both in terms of politics and gender dynamics.

The horrifying images that have been recorded during the incident are an example of the conditions in which female politicians are working, whether it is in Armenia or beyond. In addition to being generally highly mistrusted by the general public and their peers only because of their gender, female politicians are working in an environment that is highly male-dominated and where their colleagues won’t hesitate to use sexist intimidation and even physical or verbal violence to shut their voices whenever they don’t agree with them.

Water as smelly as misogyny @anahitoferebuni

I think that radical measures like the one Marine and her colleagues took by bringing sewage to the meeting are important to show how serious the problem is to people who are living in a parallel privileged galaxy. If the politicians in the room couldn’t handle the smell of the water for just a few minutes, how do people in Nubarashen do it on a daily basis? Why do THEY have to do it? When you think of all the money being invested in Yerevan and its luxurious buildings, cafés and restaurants, and all the people living just a few minutes away from the center that lack access to clean water or affordable health cares, you do feel a rage in you that is hard to contain and that demands these types of action. But regardless of political opinions, the way Marine was attacked can only be condemned.


3 thoughts on “Water as smelly as misogyny: Marine Khachatryan violently slapped and pulled out of Yerevan Council Meeting”

  1. “The reactions to Marine’s attempt to address important issues in the city are shocking. ” Actually the way Marine and the rest of her team members presented this important issue was shocking. It’s like all they wanted was media attention and didn’t even care about resolving the issue, only used it as a tool, to once again to get media attention. That is not how professional politicians deal with issues, if they claim that they are better than the ruling party then they should act like it.


    1. I respect you political opinions, but this doesn’t justify violence. Professional politicians also don’t hit and pull hair, a man doesn’t hit a woman. I hope we can agree on this regardless of our opinion about Marine as a politician or her party.


  2. @anahitoferebuni No one is disputing the actions of the individuals who struck the women, that was beyond disgusting, that is pretty obvious. I wasn’t commenting on their actions being correct or not.

    The people who managed to make the news in Armenia a couple of days ago are led by a frightening deranged person that by any standard should be institutionalized in a psychiatric institution. A person who within two weeks of being elected had half of her elected members resign because she branded them traitors because they did not participate in her typical psychotic circus acts, and instead chose to perform their jobs and participate in the political process. The ones insane enough to remain by her side were the ones that made the news. The same person who a week before that, a mere week after being elected, branded the first somewhat decent opposition party in Armenia as government paid traitors.

    She gets funding from outside of Armenia, just a month ago she returned from USA, she met with various diaspora members, and as usual she painted a horrible picture of Armenia of only corruption, chaos, and treacherous conditions in Armenia, which are grossly over exaggerated, just to prey on their good intentions and ignorance to finance herself.

    She did what she did a couple of days ago, because she knew the ruling party’s reaction would be outrageous and she would benefit from it politically. The uncivilized members of the ruling party fell into her trap just as she had planned. The bearing of the women should be in no way be excused or go unpunished, this is not what I’m discussing here, that is not the point I’m trying to make here. My point is, that she is a deranged, narcissist, psycho in the skin of a sheep, and it is individuals like she that we really need to watch out for in the future. Have you ever heard her speak? try it, you won’t last past 5-10 minutes, all she does is raise her voice, insult, make accusations without proof, and she walks away clean. Youtube her name Zaruhi Postanjyan and listen to her. Education is the key to our salvation. Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous, who ever said that it is, it is because they profited from the ignorance of others. We need to educate ourselves, so when fraudulent individuals talk complete trash of our country, we can stand up and say NO, Enough is Enough!


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