Learn about Sose Mayrig (1868-1953)

Sose Mayrig (1868-1953), born Sose Vardanian, was an Armenian fedayee from the region of Sassoun. The fedayees were militias formed by Armenian civilians who voluntarily left their families in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to form self-defense units in reaction to the mass murder of Armenians and the pillage of Armenian villages by Ottoman forces. They had the objective of achieving autonomy for Armenians or independence, depending on their ideologies. The term fedayee is of Arabic origin and means “those who sacrifice themselves”. It is widely used across the Middle East to refer to freedom fighters.

Sose Mayrig
Sose Mayrig © Anahit of Erebuni

Sose chose to marry Serob Aghpur at a young age, instead of the suitor her family had picked for her. Serob Aghpur was described by Leon Trotsy as “one of the most outstanding Armenian revolutionaries”. She received the surname “mayrig” (mother) for her bravery and maternal concern for the Armenian youth. While fedayees required men to be unmarried, or leave their families when they took up arms, Sose chose to join Serob and liberation became a family affair after she and their son Hagop began fighting alongside him. In 1899, Serob and Hagop were killed and Sose got wounded and imprisoned. It is said that their other son, Samson, disappeared after that same battle. After release, she moved to the newly established Republic of Armenia. She however left after the sovietization of the country and finally settled in Alexandria, Egypt, where she passed away in 1953. Her remains were brought to the military cemetery Yerablour of Yerevan in 1998.

Sources: Wikipedia and 100 Years 100 Facts project.

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