How to identify and protect yourself from psychological abuse

In the past few years, I have grown really interested in the topic of psychological abuse and based on personal observations and things that I have read and discussed, I wanted to share what I have learnt. Now I am only one individual interested in the topic and I would like to raise awareness about this issue, but I am not an authority on the subject. I invite you to complement your reading with other sources.

Domestic violence is a huge issue in Armenia and the diaspora, but we often think that domestic violence is visible and obvious but the truth is violence is not necessarily always physical and easy to identify. Violence can also be psychological and while it might not necessarily lead to physical abuse, it will still be extremely traumatic for the victim hence why it is important to learn about it to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and potentially to identify red flags that might indeed lead to physical abuse.

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The Locomotive of Anti-Female Sexism

Cet article est aussi disponible en français ici.

The other day, as I was reading the article “From the Cinderella of Soviet Modernization to the Post-Soviet Return to “National Traditions”: Women’s Rights in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia” published on Caucasus Edition, and for which I wrote a summary for this blog, one sentence particularly struck me and has stayed in my mind since then: “The level of female solidarity is extremely low in the South Caucasus. Women in the society highly mistrust female politicians thinking that “a woman has to know her place” (which seems to be housekeeping and other chores). To put it differently, the locomotive of anti-female sexism is often headed by the women. It particularly struck me because this is something that I had already noticed, but seeing it written like that by another person made it feel even realer and more frustrating. Continue reading “The Locomotive of Anti-Female Sexism”

Ethnicity and beauty standards: celebrating body positivity in the Armenian community

I’m sharing with you guys this beautiful portrait of an Armenian woman drawn by the amazing @marcelailustra for Anahit of Erebuni. If you don’t know Marcela, she is an amazing Brazilian artist who focuses her work on body positivity.

Armenian woman by @marcelailustra for @anahitoferebuni

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Can Traditions Justify Everything? A Reflexion on the Status of Armenian Women

The other day, as I was doing some research to find writings of prominent Armenian intellectual women, I got curious about a document I found in French on the digital archives of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France). This document is called “La femme arménienne” (the Armenian woman), and is the transcription of a conference that took place in Paris in 18 January 1917 by Archag Tchobanian (1872-1954), Armenian writer and poet. At first I was excited to see that a whole conference had been dedicated to talking about the status of Armenian women, especially knowing how patriarchal our Armenian society is. I was hoping for the document to shed lights on the atrocities that Armenian women had to go through, and that were perpetrated not only in the context of the genocide, but also through toxic traditions that give women the status of second-class citizens in their own society. And while the intentions of the document were indeed to celebrate Armenian women through their hardship, I found a lot of elements quite confusing. Continue reading “Can Traditions Justify Everything? A Reflexion on the Status of Armenian Women”